Best Italian Wood Pizza

Do what makes the quality Italian pizza? It’s truly the fireplace timber. If you found out, many foods this is being cooked with fire wood, the flavor will actually in no way go wrong.

So, in which will you cross for when you would like to have a super Italian’s pizza? Do you’ve got any favorite Italian place that you go to?

If you happen to be around Sri Hartamas, we would endorse you to visit one in every of this small Italian stores named “Eatalia”. Eatalia, previously known as Pizza Brava Restaurant, is established given that 2003, with 7 years revel in in serving actual Italian food, we’re specialized in wood fireplace pizza.

“EATALIA’s definition of Thin Crust Pizza, Just enough of a thin crust in order to choose up pizza topping and supply it in your taste buds.”
When you listen approximately this, you’ll for certain knows what is exceptional on this store. Yes, it is their fireplace timber pizzas!
The pizzas that is high advocated in this eating place are:

1) Bresaola (RM 28) served with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, bresaola, rocket and toasted with truffle oil.
2) Verdure – Vegetarian (RM 21) served with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and seasonal greens.­­­­

For Italians, existence is a celebration. There is nothing higher than an extended evening meal with family and friends, to percentage and to experience quality wine & tasty food Of direction beside taking part in their real Italian pizzas, they’re also specialized on many other Italian ingredients too. Below are some of the meals which you should now not neglected!


1) Caprese (RM 28) served with buffalo mozzarella, cherry, tomatoes, basil and additional virgin oil.
2) Funghi Fritti (RM 16) deep fried button mushroom served with tartar sauce.
3) Bruschetta Al Salmone (RM 18) Toast, mascarpone, capers, and smoked salmon.
4) Burschetta Ai Funghi (RM 18) Toast, mixed mushroom and smoked scamorza cheese.
Five) Ravioli di Pesce (RM 33) Squid ink seafood ravioli with infant scallops, red peppercorn and saffron cream sauce.
6) Ravioli di Carne (RM 28) Chicken ravioli with wild mushroom cream sauce.
7) Insalata Di Rucola (RM 22) Rocket salad with pear, Grana Padano and toasted nuts in lemon dressing.

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